Education Philosophy

Learning is an active process of discovery where students are challenged and inspired.·

We expect great success through the disciplines of hard work, determination and sacrifice.

We seek to create a unique learning environment that combines the traditional classroom model with personally-driven, technology-based curriculum, experiential learning and the performing arts.

The message and values of Jesus are communicated with students through personal relationships with teachers, coaches and mentors.

Every student will make adequate, measurable progress toward meeting  (exceeding) state academic standards as demonstrated by frequent assessment and evaluation and ensured by the facilitation of personalized learning plans.

We engage the broader community (both local and global), strengthen team cohesion and develop positive self-esteem in students through regular performance opportunities.

Through travel for performances and innovative field trip opportunities, we engage students in cultures and environments that challenge their perspectives of life, God and the world.

We develop life skills in students through curriculum, recreational activities and “teachable moments” which will empower students to overcome present life challenges and successfully navigate into a thriving adulthood.